Tips For Grooming Your Dog

For most puppy owners, grooming your furry friend thoroughly and consistently can be a challenging yet highly rewarding activity for both your dog.

It’s challenging in this you need to follow a regular routine instead of neglect your pet’s fundamental hygiene needs. On the other hand, it is usually extremely rewarding given it will give you an opportunity to hang out with your furry friend – valuable bonding time!

There are a few basic grooming requirements that you should abide by:

1) Bathing: Many people who love dogs reluctantly schedule regular bath time. You may have mental images of your respective wet dog running from the house and shaking off in front of your respective new couch. However, bathing doesn’t have to be an important ordeal.

Using a self serve dog wash is a great idea if your looked at cleaning up is hindering from regular bathing. Your dog can take advantage of (or at best tolerate) bath time if you locate proper bathing techniques.

Regular bathing should happen at least a month; weekly if required. Always use shampoo that is designed designed for your puppy (and soap free).

2) Brushing: This can be probably the most rewarding grooming habit you can enjoy with your pet. Most dogs like regular brushing. Not only does it help your dog conserve a healthy coat, additionally, it strengthens your relationship. Your brushing schedule depends on your pet’s hair length:

  • Short haired dogs can be weeks (at most a month) between brushing
  • Medium haired dogs needs more regular brushing – at least once weekly.
  • Long haired dogs require daily brushing in order to prevent tangles and matting

3) Haircuts: If you own your dog with rapidly expanding hair you will need to have regular haircuts – every 2-5 weeks. There are many resources available to assist you to learn proper cutting techniques. Most major pet stores offer classes and many types of the instruments you will want.

In addition to bathing, brushing, and haircuts, you need to also focus on nail trimming and ear care. Spend time learning proper nail trimming and taking advantage of the right tools in an attempt to not inflict pain to your canine friend. Ear care should be completed with the supervision of an veterinarian.

Taking time to groom your pet regularly is rewarding despite its challenges. Remember to learn proper techniques in addition to make use of all a proven method. If you find that you’re not able to keep track of an effective grooming schedule, consider visiting a professional dog groomer or find services that make life more fulfilling – for both your best ally!